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hair-styleHair Styling

With Rêve Therapy, you have access to the very best hairstylists. Whether you want to try something completely different or a style that's currently on-trend, you can have complete confidence in our team.

It can be quite difficult to find someone you trust that gives a truly professional cut that's completely right for you. When you decide to cut your hair to a certain length or in a certain style, you must be able trust your hairstylist completely. At Rêve Therapy, our stylists know exactly what will work for you and can make you dream hair a reality. Here are a few of the options:

Shampoo, Style & Blow-dry

Our stylists know how to get the very best out of your hair, so why not go for our full service? More indulgent than our standard dry cut, the Shampoo, Style & Blowdry is the perfect way to ensure your hair is at its absolute best.


Getting a braid can be fun and transform your look. It's a striking style for anyone and they're particularly good if you want to keep your hair neat without re-making it every day. Braids do require some time & patience in their creation, but the pay-off is their low-impact upkeep.  They're easy to style and even easier to maintain.

Afro Hairdressing

Afro hair is beautiful, but sometimes it requires added vibrancy and weight. Afro and multi-textured hair is naturally dry & brittle, so it benefits from an expert who will prescribe the perfect hair colouring process and products to ensure your Afro hair is completely cared for.

Hair Extensions

To add volume to hair for added style, glamour and sensuality, we use human hair extensions. They cover split-ends, pump-up your existing hair and add volume for that “shampoo commercial” look. And they're surprisingly affordable too.

Highlights and lowlights

Complement your style with the perfect colour. Our expert colour technicians at Rêve Therapy work with you to achieve a professional colour that enhances your features, adds shine to your hair and ensures that your colour suits your look.  Rêve specialises in on-trend, seasonal colour techniques and the latest offerings from the catwalk and the fashion press.

Hair Conditioning and Scalp Treatment

Hair conditioning gives shine to hair that needs a bit of a lift. It also helps prevent breakage and reduce frizz. Conditioning softens and nourishes each hair strand as it enhances the curl quality and helps maintain the moisture balance in your hair. Hair that has good moisture balance has great elasticity, creating lush and full hair and giving you more styling options.

Our hot oil treatments help protect your hair from everyday problems, such as heat, rain, cold, and aid recovery from brushes, curlers and the many products that can create stress for your hair. This is an excellent way to nourish and hydrate the scalp, especially if you struggle with issues like dandruff, dry flaky scalp, dermatitis and symptoms of psoriasis.


If your straight hair needs is missing the ‘Wow’ factor, try permed hair. If your goal is to boost volume, then perming can definitely help. You can say goodbye to curling irons as permed is super-low maintenance too. If you're tired of straightening the problematic areas of your hair every morning, give a Rêve Therapy perm a try.

Relax and Texture

Relaxed hair is especially useful if you want to air-dry your hair before styling. You can easily air dry and then straighten creating less damage. Relaxed hair is easier to flat iron, and achieve that straight “silky” look.

Special Event and Wedding Styling

Whatever your theme, whatever your dress, your wedding day hairstyle is a fabulous opportunity to make a statement. You might have a minimal gown and a simple, chic wedding in mind, but wowing your guests with a striking and unique bridal hairstyle offers a great twist. A statement hairstyle allows you to break traditional bridal rules.  

Hair Consulting

Switching between different hairstyles can play havoc with your follicles. Similarly, a walk down the hair products aisle of a shop also reveals more hair products than you can reasonably get your head around.

If you fancy a change, a Rêve Therapy hair consultation will help you make sense of the peculiar needs, problems and nature of your hair. It takes into account your current & past state of health, pregnancies, the types of hair products you use, styling choices, lifestyle and more. This information is then used as a guide to solve your hair problems, recommend products and styles, and institute an individual regimen for you.

Granny Hair

Amazon has recently reported a huge spike in sales of grey hair dye, but Granny hair isn't grey, it's an extreme shade of blond with silver, blue & lavender tones. Rêve Therapy works with you to get your blend of grey exactly as you want it and looking great.

Discover your dream hair

Whether you want permed, granny or even mermaid hair, the team here at Rêve Therapy is ready to help you discover your dream hair. Call today to speak to the friendly Rêve Therapy team or drop us an e-mail. We’re looking forward to hear from you.

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