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The Rêve Therapy Mission

In life, it’s easy to put others before yourself. We're all guilty of it. But if you don't take time out to look after yourself, you'll never be at your best. And, increasingly, you need to be your best in this rough & tumble world. Most importantly, you deserve it too. Which is why, at Rêve Therapy, our mission is simple – to get you back to the very best version of you.

Who are
Rêve Therapy?

The Rêve Therapy team is on hand to offer a Total Service that's right for you. Whether you need a luxurious dose of pampering, the latest restorative therapies or our state-of-the-art beauty services, we're here to attend to your needs. Rêve Time is You Time.
We're here with a complete range of holistic health therapies & activities to get you refreshed, rebalanced and looking & feeling great. Come and take a Yoga class with us and enjoy the talents of one of the most experienced and celebrated Yoga Instructors. And why not stay to get massaged, tanned, plucked & preened to perfection. Leave feeling great and looking like dynamite. 

And why wait for a special occasion? Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to help you get transformed today. If it’s a special day you're preparing for, we'd be delighted to help you achieve perfection in time for the big day. At Rêve Therapy, we believe that luxury shouldn't cost the earth and that pampering is a human right.

Meet the team

Cinzia 1

Lead Yoga and Massage Therapist



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