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excerDo you want to awaken your mind, body and soul? If you live or work near Marine Wharf in Surrey Quays in South East London, Rêve Therapy’s Yoga and Pilates classes are the perfect place to start.

In a city as busy as London, it’s particularly important to find the time to relax and unwind. Yoga and Pilates can delivery exactly that and more. Our classes are designed to help you improve flexibility, muscle tone and strength, as well as reducing your levels of stress and tension. Most importantly, our doors are open to everyone.


Meet our teacher, Kavi Kumar

Rêve Therapy’s Yoga & Pilates teacher is Kavi Kumar. Kavi’s roots are from a family of Yoga teachers, where she grew up learning Yoga under acclaimed Guru Usha Karnik in her hometown of Mumbai, India. From here she built a strong belief and deep understanding of the practices.

“My family's style of teaching is traditional Hatha Yoga,” said Kavi, “which incorporates breathing, calming the mind and holding poses for flexibility. My own personal Yoga practice and teaching is in the Asthanga / Vinyasa Flow Yoga style, which adds rigour, stamina and strength. In my teaching, I look to incorporate a mix of both styles to add variety and allow students to explore the best of both worlds.” 

Kavi has successfully completed her 200 hour teacher certification in Vinyasa (Asthanga) and is fully trained in the practice of the Indian Yogic practices. Her years of expertise, training and genuine passion are expressed in the weekly Yoga classes she holds at Reve Therapy.

Whether you’re completely new to Yoga or at an intermediate level, Kavi uses her skills and experience to guide and support all levels of yogis. According to Kavi, when you attend her classes you can “Expect to be engaged and stretched on all levels. Yoga exercises the mind as well as the body, improving your overall level of wellbeing and challenging yourself to make small improvements with every class, improving confidence, resilience and self-awareness.” 

Authentic Yoga Teachings

Kavi is a firm believer in there being no “ideal pose” or “perfection” in Yoga. Following the teachings of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, also known as the ‘father of modern Yoga’, Kavi teaches each person in accordance with their ability. No matter what walk of life you are from, your age, gender, fitness levels or religion, Kavi aims to provide the best Yoga practices and forms to suit you and your ability.

“I love the ability of Yoga to be completely adaptable to anybody,” said Kavi. “Everyone can do something; people from different age groups, genders, cultures, body shapes, flexibility and fitness levels. It’s a good Yoga teacher's job to recognise every student's ability and customise the exercise and pose accordingly.” This style of teaching boils down to the authenticity of Yoga and the way it can teach us to harness the abilities of our bodies and minds.

A popular choice across London

As well as holding classes and private lessons at Reve Therapy, Kavi also teaches Yoga in a number of different locations and centres across London. From corporate classes, which take place in-house offices and canteens, to classes held in Westminster Street, Vauxhall and Baker Street – Kavi is a popular choice for many choosing to learn Yoga.

Ready to learn with Kavi Kumar?

Would you like to attend a class or book in a private Yoga lesson with Kavi Kumar? Simply get in touch with us today and we’ll assist you with a booking. Private lessons are also an option for those wanting to learn on a more personal basis and also maintain the Indian tradition of a low student-teacher ratio.

If this is your first time at a Yoga or Pilates class, here’s some handy advice. “Come with an open mind,” Kavi recommends. “Having a non-judgemental attitude helps as you shouldn't feel the need to 'achieve' a pose or aim for perfection. Do your best and that's good enough.” 

What are you waiting for? Get in touch today and book your first class with Kavi.

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