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Below,are five simple and effective ways to relieve lower back pain.

back pain
1.Exercise your back on a daily basis.

Exercise is one of the most effective way to relieve lower back pain.The back muscles play

a major role in supporting the spinal column.Thus,during exercise these muscles should

be particularly targeted. In the same vein, a massage over the muscles will improve their

blood circulation hence, their function of supporting the vertebral column is not impaired.



2. Stimulate the production of endorphins.

Simply put, endorphins are hormones that the body produces naturally which function to

relieve pain, by blocking the pain signal pathways to the brain. It brings a good feeling


Stimulants of endorphins include:

• Massage

• Exercise

• Meditation

3.Use hot or cold water to soothe the pain.

The power of hot or cold water therapy cannot be underestimated as far as relieving back

pain is concerned. It instantaneously soothe the pain and stimulates the healing process.

Cold therapy is known to abolish inflammation, which in many cases, the cause of lower

back pain. In addition, it decreases the speed of nerve impulses which prevents nerves

from causing pain. In the same breadth, it acts as a local anesthetic.

Hot therapy has two beneficial effects. To begin with, it increases the blood supply thus the

supply of nutrients and healing substances is also increased. Secondly it slows down the

pain messages, bringing about a local anesthetic effect.

4. Get enough sleep.

Research has shown that, chronic lower back pain patients suffer from insomnia, a sleep

disorder. Getting yourself a good and enough sleep plays a good role in relieving back

pain. However, sleep has been found to aggravate lower back pain-an indication that, whenever someone suffers from back pain, sleep disorder, should also be checked.

5. Hamstring stretching twice to thrice in a day.

One of the simplest ways to alleviate your back pain is to stretch your hamstrings muscles.

It maintains the integrity of the sacroiliac joints and also exercises the back
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